IDSA Data Spaces Dialogue

Education data spaces: why data sovereignty is essential to lifelong learning

Education is one of the most important areas where the European Union is driving the emergence of data spaces.

Dynamic job demands require lifelong learning with changing education providers. People collect education data and credentials, need to manage them securely, provide access to providers and employers – sovereign handling of learners’ highly sensitive personal and education-related data must be ensured at all times. Education data spaces give all stakeholders the ability to control data, shape access, and link to AI services.

At the Data Spaces Dialogue on March 31st, 2022, on a shared virtual stage were: André T. Nemat (idigiT), Matthias de Bièvre (VISIONS), Claudio Cimelli (Ministère de l’Éducation Française), Helko Lehmann (imc), Anne-Sophie Taillandier (IMT) and Lars Nagel (IDSA) to address the very topic: Educational Data Spaces.

In a panel discussion, experts from the currently emerging educational data spaces Prometheus-X, DASES and MERLOT talked about how important data spaces are for education, why trust, data control and data sovereignty are essential in this context and what new business models are possible.

A great conclusion of the live session is that we are working together in research and education but also in business to facilitate the emergence of sovereign ecosystems of education and skills data in Europe.

The live session was recorded and can be watched at the following link (Data Spaces Dialogue | Education data spaces: Why data sovereignty is essential to lifelong learning – YouTube).