Brief partner description

Edu-sense is a social initiative (gGmbH) that aims to collect proven concepts, ideas and approaches from schools that have already mastered the challenges of contemporary school development. We prepare these together in our playbook so that they can serve as inspiration and orientation for interested schools.

Role in the project

  • The Edu-sense team contributes its expertise especially at the interface between technical solution and end user. Based on our extensive experience in both education and digital solutions, we check all ideas submitted for their user-friendly functionality and ensure that they will be accepted by the target groups. In other words, we always have the “education customer” in mind and are the bridge between education providers and users.
  • Consequently, Edu-sense has the overall responsibility for work package (WP) 8, which deals with the piloting of the selected solutions of the respective application partners. Edu-sense also assumes tasks in WP 1 (Project Management), WP 2 (Requirements Engineering & Business Models of Services in the Education Data Space), WP 9 (ELSI: Ethics, Data Protection and Data Security, Social Implication) and WP 10 (Gaia-X Dissemination + Network).

Planned results

  • “WP 1 – Project Management”

    Support of the project management by the project management of WP8 as well as participation in WP leader meetings and involvement in the steering committee.

  • “WP 2 – Requirements Engineering & Business Models of Services in the Education Data Space”

    Participation in the creation of the business requirements concept by developing personas and scenarios. Testing of concepts with pilot partners and implementation of market feedback.

  • “WP8 – Piloting with Application Partners”

    Leading WP8. Ensuring that pilots allow all relevant requirements and experiences to be incorporated into research and development as early as possible. This will enable rapid user feedback into the research and development process so that services are designed to be as intuitive as possible to achieve high user acceptance. Furthermore, for testing analytics services and AI applications, it is equally crucial to be provided with realistic data in sufficient quantity. With WP8, we ensure that all requirements from user practice are incorporated into the test specification and that application partners are always available to test functions or complete services.

  • “WP 9 – ELSI: Ethics, Privacy and Data Security, Social Implication”

    Participation in the ELSI conception through workshops as well as acquisition of relevant partners to analyze the external impact of the MERLOT project regarding ELSI relevant topics.

  • “WP 10 – Gaia-X Dissemination + Network”

    Participation in the establishment of a “Knowledge Transfer Centre” and development of the MERLOT network.



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