Short partner description

We are Schülerkarriere, an innovative company specializing in bringing together companies and the promising young professionals of tomorrow. Our unique concept allows us to place career opportunities directly in schools where students are active every day.

Thanks to our strong partnership with three of the largest school server providers in Germany, we have exclusive access to the school infrastructure of more than 5,000 schools. This allows us to integrate training and study advertisements from companies, public authorities, colleges, and universities specifically into the school portals.

We are committed to building a bridge between educational institutions and the world of work, thus paving the way for a successful future for young talents.

Role in the project

  • Schülerkarriere develops an intelligent career assistant that enables students to find suitable jobs more easily (AI-driven Job-Matching App).
  • With this Smart Education Service, Schülerkarriere offers relevant data and services on the MERLOT marketplace to be an exemplary use case that other market participants can follow.

Planned results

MVP of an AI-driven job matching app -> career assistant


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