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Short partner description

  • University of Applied Sciences with a wide range of courses (Bachelor’s / Master’s) as well as extra-occupational study concepts
  • Joint Project between:
    • Institute for Applied Research with research focus on Innovative Mobility Concepts, Intelligent Systems, Resources and Climate, Work and Production
    • Institute for Intelligent Interaction and Immersive Experience with a research focus on interaction/communication experience between humans and technology

Role in the Project

  • WP 5 leadership: Advanced Smart Education Service Reference Implementation Development
  • Development of an AI-based Educational Pathway Assistant
  • Development of a conversational user interface and concept to open the way for further Advanced Smart Services

Planned Results

  • Matchmaking service among standardized educational data from learners with standardized data on educational opportunities and career paths
  • Development and conception of a reference implementation for an AI-based Educational Pathway Assistant
  • Development and conception of advanced conversational user interfaces in order to obtain suitable educational paths for a user according to his/her personal educational or career goals (i.e., career orientation and career planning)
  • Documentation for knowledge transfer for other Advanced Smart Educational Services

Reference projects in related areas

Development of a language-based interface based on lecture content to support courses.

Development of an adaptive learning environment controlled by an artificial intelligence.

Website: http://www.intuitel.eu/resources


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